Firewood Bundle, Hardwood for Chimineas (Two Bundles)
Firewood Bundle, Hardwood for Chimineas (Two Bundles)

Firewood Bundle, Hardwood for Chimineas (Two Bundles)

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Two bundles of locally-fallen hardwood firewood for your patio chimney. Enjoy the warmth and enjoyment of a fire without the hassle of smoke. Burning clean, dry & seasoned wood is the way to go and this wood is cut to the perfect size for your Baja Chiminea!  

We buy our firewood from the a local co-op. It's an assortment of locally-fallen hardwoods, typically Alder, Cherry or Oak, cut into 8" pieces perfect for most patio chimneys and smokers.

Why burn hardwoods? Hardwood will burn slower and last longer than softwood. It burns more consistently as well; Softwood will burn real hot & real fast then die-down to nothing in a short period of time, leaving little-to-no coals behind; While hardwood will keep a good coal base, making it easy to add more wood to your fire and allowing your fire to burn smoke-free through-out the evening. Hardwood is less likely to "pop and burst" like softwood. 

It is important to allow your clay chiminea to warm up slowly before you get it too hot, too fast. Start with kindling and newspaper. See our chiminea instructions here> "Baja Chimineas at

Each bundle weighs around 10 LBS. Sold here as a two-pack, $5 each X 2 = $10. In addition, some kindling will be added to the box so you have everything you need for a comfortable, clean-burning fire. 

Total Weight: 22 LBS

Bundle dimensions: 8.5" x 9" x 9" 

Learn more about the OWC, Oregon Woodland Cooperative

Not a fire building expert? That's okay, ask us to include a copy of our fire-building diagram. It's simple and you'll be a fire startin' expert in no time!