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Dinosaur Piñata, Triceratops

Mister Piñata

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Dinosaur Piñata, Triceratops
Dinosaur Piñata, Triceratops (Dino, Collar) 
Take your party to the next level! Piñatas are great for any occasion and for any age! Large size, approximately 34" long x 20" tall. Hold apx. 3 lbs of goodies and will take some abuse. Hangs by a metal wire. 
Colors may vary. Often you'll have a choice of selecting a base/primary color option... If you have a specific color preference, please add a note to the sale and we can work together to pick out the best one for you. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Little Baja / Mister Piñata offers the finest piñatas around! Authentic, Colorful & Handmade pinatas.
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