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Strawberry Jars-Pottery-Little Baja
Strawberry Jar, 3 Pocket-Pottery-Little Baja
Strawberry Jar, 3 Pocket-Pottery-Little Baja
Planted Four Pocket Strawberry Jar
Terra Cotta Strawberry Jar, 4 Pockets
Strawberry Jar, 12 Pocket-Pottery-Little Baja, Planted
Terra Cotta Strawberry Jar, 6 Pockets
8 Pocket Strawberry Jar, Terra Cotta
Terra Cotta Strawberry jar, 9 Pockets
Extra Large Strawberry Jar, 16 Pocket
Large Strawberry Jar, 8 Pockets
Large Strawberry Jar, 9 Pockets, Terra Cotta
Terra Cotta Strawberry Jar, 6 Pockets

Terra Cotta Planters | Strawberry Jar Pots

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Choose your strawberry jar, three pockets up to nine pockets! We have 12, 16, and 20 Pockets in-store only as they are too large for most carriers. We can ship the larger jars on a pallet; call our store for more information. Strawberry Jars are great for more than just strawberries; they're perfect for succulents & herbs too! Container gardening is a great way to grow edibles in a small space, helps to protect your root systems from pests, and is very versatile. Our pots are the best quality, guaranteed. Your planter will come with some planting tips to ensure a fantastic harvest. Ask around; our pots are the best!

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